Nights of Siam

Bastus made himself a name by setting up numerous haunting events with his crews Our Hobby is Different and lately Wet Delights in Berlin, always inviting the top notch DJs of modern underground dance music. As a DJ, he sets the same quality standards for his own music and you will find him taking you on a mental and physical (dance) trip!

Only little is known about mysterious Braun/Jaschkewitz. Some say them is he and he is a well known and much respected local DJ with an amazing repertoire of fine and obscure music. Also known as Matt Moroder, this man build himself a reputation with smooth afro infused cosmic mixtapes and releasing quality music on his imprint Little Leaf. Be sure to keep an eye out for those new cassette tapes that were recently released. All Hail to The Cosmic Cunt Clan!

To hang around at Ebertplatz and play some records in a tiny „Büdchen“ (=actually a place for bad coffee, cigarettes and „bunte Tüten“) is what they love! For this night these sweet guys will escape and find the way to us. Be aware of what they’re gonna do with their new kind of freedom. Probably drone into your brain and make you happy with special and experimental sounds!